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A bright video screen shows images of a blue sky on Tiananmen Square during a time of dangerous levels of air pollution, on January 23, 2013 in Beijing.
via The Atlantic

'Fly Away' from Moulin Rouge performed by Nicole Kidman… <3

Divide and Conquer skate deck
He’s a looker
lisa the revolutionary

TRUTHstream Media: Among other wonderful things, since taking office President Obama has: 


- Signed the NDAA indefinite detention bill into law
- Personally oversaw a Secret Kill List
- Waged war on Libya without congressional approval
- Started a covert, drone war in Yemen
- Escalated the proxy war in Somalia
- Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan

Great interview with Immortal Technique

one of these days I’m gonna shut my eyes forever

so tired of seeing whats wrong with life
and as much as I wish that I got along better with these people…

I’ve heard it written
that every flower withers
So I carve up my palm
just to bleed these inscriptions
Sometimes it’s a given
sometimes it’s not
And we struggle with the pieces to the puzzle of the plot

And all I see on my CD shelves
are the pieces of me
that probably need help
Like I don’t eat good
so I’ve always got the hunger pains
Rocking baggy clothes to hide the fact that I’m underweight

I bust a phrase to escape
coz I’m feeling stuck for days
Nothing changes but the motherfucking date
It’s such a shame
See the structure crumble and fade
until you’re left with nothing but some dust on ya plate 

Life gets ugly
writing rhymes to Jeff Buckley
A cold and broken Hallelujah for this crash test dummy
I can accept in the past
I’ve been the first to cry
Now I’m hoping I’ll be the last to laugh 

In this paradox of non-existence
where the oxygen we breathe to live corrodes our body and kills us
If I could hold my breath for eternity
then I’d live forever but never deliver these words I speak

I can’t do this anymore mum
sick of the baggage under my eyes
the vanity of my forearms
I hate my body
It’s just a shell for my soul
and my songs will live on long after my bell has been tolled

And would you even cry?
Could you move on with your life
or would you need to know the reason why?
I’m feeling grand and poetic
Might take the Kurt Cobain route
and blow my fucking brains out
There, I said it.

Sometimes I need to talk to someone
I’m just not sure who
That feeling of the morning after
the lock-jawed blues
And I can’t write about the break up
been numb for too long
Everyday is like a break down
I can’t seem to move on

So what I crack a few smiles?
It’s all futile.
The grey space
beyond blue star

Waiting for the beat to stop
in this game of musical chairs
I’m just a kid
tryna make something beautiful.

one of these days I’m gonna shut my eyes forever
so tired of seeing whats wrong with life
and as much as I wish that I got along better with these people
don’t you think that there’s a reason why? 


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